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Avocats : profitez des possibilités offertes par le décret du 28 octobre 2014

Avocats : profitez des possibilités offertes par le décret du 28 octobre 2014

Le décret du 28 octobre 2014 autorise désormais les Avocats à recourir à la sollicitation personnalisée. Il s’agit d’une occasion unique de renforcer la visibilité de votre Cabinet et obtenir de nouvelles affaires grâce à des solutions innovantes.

Elargissez vos réseaux

L’interaction humaine reste un moyen déterminant d’obtenir de nouveaux clients. Participer à des évènements, à des séminaires ou être membre actif d’une association sont des solutions efficaces pour développer une clientèle.

En effet, développer des relations avec des clients ou des prescripteurs est essentiel aux fins de se voir proposer de nouvelles missions.

Toutefois, cette stratégie est de longue haleine et il faut la considérer comme un travail de fond permettant de se construire une image et d’affirmer son positionnement.

Développer sa stratégie de communication sur Internet

Il est acquis qu’une sur internet est inévitable, que ce soit pour renforcer leur visibilité ou pour obtenir de nouvelles affaires.

Seulement, avoir un site internet ne suffit pas s’il n’est pas référencé correctement sur les moteurs de recherche et le référencement payant peut coûter très cher sans garantie de retour sur investissement.

A titre d’exemple, le mot clé « avocat droit de la famille » peut coûter jusqu’à 2 € par clic sur Google sans garantie de conversion ni de référencement qualitatif compte tenu de la concurrence sur ce mot clé.

Dans le cadre de cette stratégie, il ne faut plus penser comme un Avocat mais comme vos prospects et comme Google. Il est nécessaire également de proposer régulièrement du contenu pertinent à vos prospects.

Sauf à disposer de fonds importants pour développer sa clientèle sur Internet, il est toutefois impératif d’être référencé sur d’autres sites internet bénéficiant eux même d’un référencement important.

C’est dans cette optique que TribunApp a été créé.

publicité huissiers

TribunApp, l’accélérateur de notoriété

Compatible avec tous les smartphones Android ou iPhone récents, TribunApp a pour but de permettre à ses utilisateurs Avocats ou justiciables de trouver un postulant compétent territorialement.

TribunApp vous permet également de :

  • promouvoir votre activité dans le respect des règles déontologiques;
  • recevoir des demandes de postulation ou d’intervention de la part de justiciables ou d’auxiliaires de justice ;
  • améliorer rapidement votre référencement sur Internet en bénéficiant d’une fiche sur

TribunApp c’est :

  • plus de 2000 utilisateurs
  • des centaines de professionnels du droit déjà référencés
  • un référencement efficace pour seulement 9,90 € HT / mois et par jurisdiction

Pour plus d’informations visitez le site internet : ou contactez un conseiller à l’adresse suivante :

Getting a perfect source for the historical Option data

Although business activities are planned, keeping in mind the future scope, but is also important to learn certain trends from the history. The previous records help you in getting the basic trend, based on which, you can plan your future strategy. Many-a-times, when the employees of an organization change, they are unaware of the business history, and hence, there is a need of producing the past records for better understanding of the trends.Such is the case with the stock market, where one needs to make an analysis of trends daily. Historical Option Data is that firm, which will provide you with the historical option prices history for all U.S. Equity options. These options include provision of history about the stocks, indexes, and ETFs.

You must understand that the historical option price history provided, is the end of day type of history and not an intra day data. End of day quotes are carried by Historical Option, which deal with carrying the information and history about every stock, index, and ETF, for every strike and expiration. There are no options, which are provided for futures, commodities, and Forex commodities. Options for other countries are also not available with Historic Option Data. You can take a glance at the pattern of the table, which holds the end of day history for the entire historical option price for all optional stocks, indices, ETFs in U.S. All the functionalists are carried out by taking into consideration, the requirements of U.S. only and no other country.

You can also look into various historical options catalog, to learn more about the services provided by Historic Option Data. The tables and catalogs are well formatted and allow their users to quickly get the overall review of the information of the past 12+ years, till the end of day, which records the last transactions. Historic Option Data also carry various symbols. A data set that covers all the symbols, which are exchange traded options in U.S., is the specialty of Historical Option Data. A list of all the active symbols are also available, which give you a brief idea about the overall symbols and the historical options data set. You can also go for various FAQs, which will help you solve your queries and doubts regarding the provision of various services.

Thus, a historical data is perfectly managed and provided to you in a well format. This marks the data from the previous years to the end of day data. In case of symbols, each symbol has an average of 150 contracts listed at any given time. The provision of clean and quality data is the responsibility of Historical Options Data, which is the primary responsibility. Along with this, providing 100% customer satisfaction, along with support, even after the deployment of the product is the responsibility of Historical Option Data. Thus, you can now go for a best service with an affordable price and can guarantee of quality product and data. Historical Option Data with the end of day quotes, continues to serve U.S. and research on a better ways for service!

Get a look of the future by glancing in the past history

If you are intending to invest your money at someplace where you could earn back good quantity of returns then you need to invest at the most effective location. Revenue refers smart forecast and also an ideal forecast leads to a high return. Market is a substantial place where a lot has to be kept in mind prior to entering in any venture. Estimations as well as risks go hand in hand as correct calculation assists you comprehend the danger consider detail. Mathematics of financial investment revolves around the repercussions, particularly if you handle stocks. To locate the probabilities you have to dig in the past and also determine the physiques and choices readily available for you. Any type of historical options prices information is helpful in identifying the market situation and position.

Stocks have different worth and also various market position at different times so about judge the surety of the earnings staff invest their time as well as cash in finding the historic alternatives information for the same. Every choice should be taken, bearing in mind the demand as well as the surety of returns. These information files are really handy as they have all the minutest of details relating to earnings as well as losses. They have actually caught every year thoroughly as well as have made a practical list of the exact same. Historical data has all the much required information which assists you in assessing the opportunities. Stock rate details and also the tactic it exceeds and comes down are plainly available on the information. You can effortlessly estimate the possibilities at the correct time. When you desire to assess the amount of benefit any sort of investment is visiting provide you then this historical data come for your assistance.

The information contains all the details that is should access the details. It provides you a possibility by understanding historical alternative costs in a better fashion. The checked out data can be made use of in many different methods as every detail comes in usage. According to your requirements you have to select the most effective. These records are the most effective means to organize the ideal kind of investment plan which helps crew in deciding on the best from the remainder.

Tell the marketplace before you enter into in any particular venture. There is a simpler approach of spending your money and time in the appropriate fashion as well as Historic information is surely the one. Being a practical financier you have to give much focus in the direction of finding the best sort of investment plan for yourself. Examining makes you a wise choice maker as well as no matter of whatever the investment amount is, it gives you a feeling of comfort. There are various tactics to streamline your search as well as narrow it down to the very best so make sure you pick the very best.

Historical Data- For a wise and calculative investor

Market and its functions revolve around predictions, investments, returns and all such words that relate you to monetary gains. The market history has helped a lot in figuring out the possibilities of any investment. In case of stocks and investments you must understand the past to figure out the future of the invested money. Slightest of error can land you in huge losses that is why people are always cautious while entering in any such transaction. Studying historical data is not an option but more of a need. Everyone who is planning to invest must understand the possibilities through the forecast.

A major decision is to find up till when you shall hold the share and when is the right time to sell it to gain best out of it. This evaluation of money and the ways in which it can be put in the right manner gives you clarity in terms of investment. The defined price list list is updated with the oldest and latest fluctuations of the stock market so that you can understand the pattern in a nice manner. Understanding the possibilities before you invest in any scheme, is very essential for any investor.

The historical data reveals the various factors that influence the stock returns and the time period when the stock shows returns. Stocks position and the time evaluation go hand in hand because this evaluation gives you a chance by understanding historical option prices in a better manner. Analyzing the attractive and non attractive options give you a chance to choose wisely and pick as per your decision making power and the data examination. This way of scrutinizing the right kind of idea helps people in choosing the best out of the rest.

Slightest of change can lead to a drastic downfall or tremendous raise in the position of stock market, and a lay man cannot understand it without the help of reference. That is why if you are investing in stocks you can study the historical options data and then go further according to that price history. Stock information is a calculation that revolves around facts and figures, if you can understand the historical facts then analyzing the future possibilities become easy for you. So always pick the right kind of option and company that can help you by providing the right kind of historical data.

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Historical Option Data- Your best guide to all the investment decisions

Going to a battle field without any arms and expecting to come out alive is quite similar to entering in the stock market without any preparations. In both the cases it is essential to take the necessary precautions because otherwise the loss is only yours. Market position keeps on changing time to time and there is no stability to how the market will react in the coming days or months. But, people have found ways to calculate the risks and benefits in a intelligent manner. The latest method to study the risk factor is the historical option data which is available for all those who want to invest wisely.

Every time you look out for a better investment idea this data of history helps you analyze it in a better manner. Traditional methods of predicting the market situation has taken a back seat as people have found mathematically and analytically sound ways of calculating the risks. Once you know the market history in detail then predicting the consequences becomes easier for you. You can find the best idea of historical options prices through their data as they provide the most accurate and perfect data for you. . They provide three CSV files per day which includes a lot of information related and required by you. They also provide stock history service to their client that helps them in understanding the stock market in a better way.

When all the data is available at a single place you need not worry about anything as everything is collected and kept safely for your reference. The accurate data helps them calculate the most accurate results for you. In the end it is all about the perfection you put in your calculations and if it is right then it is worth the money and time. They work hard to provide you the most accurate figures and best opinions so that you are able to finalize the benefits and losses related to any investment. The historical option prices available at them are accurate and up to the mark.

The stock history service provided by historical options data is one of the finest services which you will not find anywhere else and the level of accuracy makes it impeccable. An investor needs nothing more than a accurate source which can help him find the best possibilities. Their data is error free and will help you grab a good return by investing by studying their market history data. To understand their services better you can visit them at

Get a glimpse of the future by peeking in the history

If you are planning to invest your money at someplace where you can earn back good amount of returns then you must invest at the best place. Profit is a matter of wise prediction and a perfect prediction leads to a high return. Market is a vast place where a lot has to be kept in mind before entering in any venture. Calculations and risks go hand in hand as proper calculation helps you understand the risk factor in detail. Mathematics of investment revolves around the consequences, especially if you deal in stocks. To find the possibilities you need to dig in the past and calculate the figures and options available for you. Any historical option prices information is helpful in determining the market situation and position.

Stocks have different value and different market position at different times so as to judge the certainty of the profits people invest their time and money in finding the historical options data for the same. Every decision must be taken, keeping in mind the need and the certainty of returns. These data files are very helpful as they have all the minutest of details regarding profits and losses. They have captured every year in detail and have made a sensible list of the same. Historical data has all the much needed information which helps you in assessing the possibilities. Stock price information and the way it exceeds and descends are clearly available on the information. You can easily estimate the possibilities at the right time. When you wish to assess the amount of benefit any investment is going to provide you then this historical data come for your help.


The data contains all the information that is needed to access the information. It gives you a chance by understanding historical option prices in a better manner. The examined data can be used in many ways as each and every detail comes in use. According to your requirements you must pick the best. These reports are the best way to arrange the right kind of investment plan which helps people in choosing the best out of the rest.

Predict the market before you enter in any particular venture. There is an easier method of investing your time and money in the right manner and Historical data is surely the one. Being a sensible investor you must give much attention towards finding the right kind of investment plan for yourself. Studying makes you a wise decision maker and regardless of whatever the investment amount is, it gives you a sense of relief. There are various ways to simplify your search and narrow it down to the best so make sure you pick the best.